Friday, March 11, 2005

friday cat blogging

McCullough hasn't been getting much time on here lately, and luckily there were several nice shots of her on a roll of film I got developed yesterday. So, without further ado, McCullough.

McCullough with Mardi Gras beads

McCullough hanging out during Mardi Gras

McCullough during Mardi Gras

McCullough relaxing on the couch

I'm still a little behind my holidays, I know. I'll be dragging out Mardi Gras pictures well past Easter.
Steve has posted today's edition of the Friday Ark at Modulator, where critters of all sorts can be found in one place, for your convenience. Be sure to check out Lair's ongoing graphical analysis of cats vs. dogs posts at the Ark. If you check out his site, I'm sure there's some commentary in there somewhere.

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