Friday, March 31, 2006

yay, tornadoes!

Well, only 1 really. A supercell marched across 2/3 of north Alabama and did a pretty good job of screwing things up for evening commute. West of here really saw the interesting weather, Florence had about 3 inches of quarter sized hail. It looked like it had freakin snowed.

You can look at WHNT 19's website for a slide show. If it's not on the main page, click on "Weather" and it should be there.

A couple of teaser photos...

That's hail on the road, folks.

A wall cloud with a tail cloud on the right. The tail cloud is not a funnel cloud, but inflow into the wall cloud. If a funnel were to form, it would be at the flat bottom of the cloud, not the side.

Fog caused by the hail on the ground. It was about 70° F when this picture was taken.

All of the above photos were taken by members of the public, who emailed them to WHNT-19. I did not take any of the pics, and am not claiming that I did. (Yeah, a little disclaimer there.) The photos are either copyright the photographer or WHNT-19. No copyright infringement intended.

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