Thursday, September 15, 2005

wrist update

Well, it is feeling better this morning, although I have a feeling the Lortabs are probably a big part of that. Typing is slow going, so posts will take a while to compose.

Now, I have pictures. As I said yesterday, nothing fractured, so no Ick-factor warning. Just some swelling and faint bruising.

My bionic wrist. I love my super-duper brace, it's adjustable, has a removable spoon in the bottom, and a rigid plastic support on the top. It's ambidextrious, and even has a little pillow that goes on top to make more comfy while sleeping.

My wrist right after having taken the brace off. The left most line on the pillow is the end of the end of my ulna (the smaller of the two long bones of the forearm). The lump to the left of my ulna is what Dr. F was convinced was a fracture until he saw my x-ray films.

A closer view of my wrist, after having the brace off and having taken a shower. No more marks from the brace, and a better view of the swelling. Again, the line is where the end of my ulna is, and the lump to the left is where Dr. F thought the fracture was.

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