Saturday, December 30, 2006

ding-dong, the bastard's dead

Now, since I went into early retirement (which sounds better than f***ing disability), I've managed to avoid a lot of news. I don't patrol the news sites like I did a couple of years ago when I didn't have a lot to do on some days.

There have been recent exceptions when I can't hide from the news. The Huntsville School Bus Crash is one instance. Trust me, the city went completely batshit, and for once I was glad I'm not on the Rescue Squad anymore.

Today is another day when I couldn't avoid news. When I went outside to feed the birds and collect my paper, The Huntsville Times proclaimed in 2 inch tall letters "Saddam hanged". Woo-hoo! Time to break out the wine and celebrate.

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Michelle said...

Hope you're doing well, and all your furbabies too!