Friday, March 31, 2006

yay, tornadoes!

Well, only 1 really. A supercell marched across 2/3 of north Alabama and did a pretty good job of screwing things up for evening commute. West of here really saw the interesting weather, Florence had about 3 inches of quarter sized hail. It looked like it had freakin snowed.

You can look at WHNT 19's website for a slide show. If it's not on the main page, click on "Weather" and it should be there.

A couple of teaser photos...

That's hail on the road, folks.

A wall cloud with a tail cloud on the right. The tail cloud is not a funnel cloud, but inflow into the wall cloud. If a funnel were to form, it would be at the flat bottom of the cloud, not the side.

Fog caused by the hail on the ground. It was about 70° F when this picture was taken.

All of the above photos were taken by members of the public, who emailed them to WHNT-19. I did not take any of the pics, and am not claiming that I did. (Yeah, a little disclaimer there.) The photos are either copyright the photographer or WHNT-19. No copyright infringement intended.

friday catblogging - part II

For Lair.

friday catblogging

Look! It's Friday, and I'm catblogging, and it's not even 0300 yet!

Noah and McCullough want to join me outside and play...then run off.

The 3 cat statues that reside on the front porch.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

find the kitty

Time to play Find the Kitty. I was outside, and the girls had to come and see what I was doing.

Friday, March 10, 2006

friday catblogging

I went on a cat hunt this morning.

Mac comes out of hiding for a drink.


Callie's favorite towel. Don't ask me why she loves it so much. She will
guard it with her life, then proceed to try to eat it.

Face-off at the water hole.

McCullough waits for Luke to get out of the shower so she can play in
the wet bath tub. We don't ask, she's a little dim in that way.

And finally, Maleficent being unbearably cute.

A successful cat hunt.