Monday, July 09, 2007

microfuzzy has a name at last

Hooray! The Kitten (a.k.a. Little One, Fuzzy, or MicroFuzzy) has a name. Say hello to Freya.

Freya sleeping on a pillow\
Freya takes the news in stride.

McCullough giving Freya a bath
McCullough has decided to play FuzzyMomma.

Ready. Set. Fight!
McCullough and Freya face off
She really has no idea she only weighs 2 pounds.

McCullough giving Freya a bath
Freya still confuses bath time with play time.

Freya has been to the vet for a second visit. She's healthy and was given the green-light to freely interact with the other cats.

Heaven help the adult cats.