Wednesday, July 02, 2008

playing for keeps

The most intense, high-stakes game of "I'm Not Touching..." the world has ever seen is being played right now.

not touching

Do you see how she is so very deliberately Not Touching anything? Not a single bead or bangle, despite how close her paws and nose are to everything. Since she's Not Touching anything, and is simply lying there, pretending to be asleep, she knows I won't do anything to her. It's in the rules. If she puts one paw on anything I'll pick her up and move her. That's in the rules, too. She knows exactly how far she can push me before I'll do anything and damn, is she right on the lairy edge of what she can get away with.

This is a deadly serious game. In the previous round, every time her paw crept toward the beads I would cover them with my hand, then she would growl her pitiful little growl at me and try to move my hand out of her way. Reach, growl, bat at hand, withdraw. Lather, rinse, repeat.

All without touching anything.

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