Friday, October 10, 2008

friday catblogging

It is autumn outside the Oubliette, and Callie has agreed to a photo shoot.

Autumn Comes to the Oubliette, Featuring Callie.
(Who came to the Oubliette in the fall as none of you may remember.)

First the contract negotiations. Callie is never happy with the first agreement her agent makes for her. Just a blip in the day's schedule, these things happen.

Negotiations complete, Callie does her sultry, come hither look.

Playful, sexy kitten pose.

Playful, silly kitten.

Proof she can do Star Trek, and sci-fi in general.

Go ahead, tell me I'm irresistible. You don't have to hold back.

Then, the shoot ends.

...and I want some water. Not the stuff from the bowl the other cats have polluted, but bottled water, from a glacier. Or an iceberg. One of those nice dark blue one, the really old ones.

Ahh, models. We all have our days when we're sure we're under-appreciated.


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