Saturday, November 14, 2015

First Freeze

Overnight was the first freeze in Huntsville. The squirrels are out chasing each other around, looking for the last of the acorns for this season while the chipmunks are still asleep in their burrows because it's too damn cold to be out at the moment. No pictures of the squirrels since they wouldn't let me get close enough to snap a good photo.

When I took these pictures, the sun had not yet risen above the horizon and it was a chilly 32°F, or 0°C if you prefer. Now that the sun is up the temperature has risen to all of 34°F.

Frost limned leaves, dogwood and violet among the frosted grass.

The partially frozen birdbath is nearly empty from all the birds splashing around, and a few of the last dogwood leaves and seeds have found their way into it.

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