Sunday, May 14, 2006

a recap of the past month

Yeah, I took another month off blogging. So here's what's been going on.

I developed a kidney infection. My first clue was a stabbing pain in my left kidney, 8 out of 10 on the pain scale. At first Dr. F wasn't sure if I had another stone or an infection, so he treated me for an infection (given my crappy immune system) and ordered a CT scan looking for any stones. The scan was negative, so a week of antibiotics and lots of pain meds. Eventually it got better.

As I was recovering from that, that my oh so lovely balance crapped out while I was walking outside. I fell down the same hill that I fell down last fall. This time I re-injured my left rotator cuff, left wrist, and sprained the arch of my left foot. Yay, whee. More pain meds and my wrist splinted for a week so I couldn't really type anything.

So that's the overview of my month. I did a little more storm spotting, but nothing as interesting as last month. I did get some good pics of lightning, which will be posted later.

Aside from all of that, not much. Watching TV, poking around on the net, discovering some good films. I've become a big fan of Paul McGillion and David Hewlett, a pair of Canadian actors who have been in some excellent, little-known films. They also happen to be in a good TV show right now, if you happen to like sci-fi.

So that's pretty much it. Not a whole hell of a lot going on around here. Now that I have use of my hand again and not stoned out of my skull, I'll see about keeping this updated more than once a month. ;)


mizavery said...

Sorry to hear about your unfun past month but I'm glad you're back. Like many people, I suspect, I check this every day but rarely comment and I was concerned about what might have happened with you. Feel even better!

Omnibus Driver said...

Glad to hear you're alive and kicking! I was really beginning to worry about you. Big hugs!

Rahel said...

I was getting worried too. Glad you're back, and I hope you feel much better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mira;

Mid West ? like in we're not in Kansas anymore TOTO. LOL you missed a golden opportunity kidney transtplant the infected one... and make some extra cash for christmas... LOL

Lamont Cranston