Wednesday, October 11, 2006

the oubliette turns two

As of yesterday, The Oubliette has been up and running with semi-regular postings for the past two years. 657 posts over the past 2 years. Not too bad, considering the recent dry spell in posting.

*raises cup of Dr. Pepper* Here's to another 2 years. Cheers!


Omnibus Driver said...

I sent you some blogiversary wishes here. Glad you're back!

Emma's Kat said...

Well, happy blogiversary! I actually stumbled upon your site while browsing on "sleeping cat"! Believe it or not! Lol! I quickly realized your post for the sleeping cat didn't contain a picture of the actual sleeping cat. Oh well! So I clicked on home and came upon many beautiful pictures of your fuzz balls! And love your humor! You are too funny! Anyway, I'll quit my rambling...for now! Come by and visit my site, Kat's Cat of the Day and submit your kitties pix so they can be cat of the day! A brief paragraph is also needed, should you choose to submit them, about how they came to you, age, etc. And/or you can visit my kitties at A Blog For Emma! I will definately check back!

Emma's Kat said...

Btw, and no I'm not some wierdo! Lol! But do you comment at TDK, The Daily Kitten? Your name just rings a bell. I used to be a frequent visitor there and am friends w/Rosie there. If you know TDK, you probably know Rosie! Anyway, just thought I'd ask.