Wednesday, June 13, 2007

kitten pics!

For your viewing pleasure, in place of 3 comics that were pre-empted by raising a certain babycat and helping my BIL move, I present pics of said babycat.

She is truly vicious. All 1.2 pounds of her.


Minta Marie Morze said...

I've missed you. I've checked back now and then over time, and I just took a chance today. I'm so glad!!!!

Your comics are wonderful! I laughed out loud. Please keep doing them. You so clearly know cats, I'll be back to see them all the time.

The photo of the kitten today, the one in the middle with the BIG eyes is fantastic!

I hope you post as often as you can. I really have missed you.

Omnibus Driver said...

She's adorable. Just adorable.

And I'm THRILLED to see you back to blogging. You've been missed, my friend!