Wednesday, June 06, 2007

new addition to the oubliette

6 week old grey and white kitten, unnamed at this time

Once again, The Oubliette becomes home for abandoned cats. Or a six week old kitten in this particular case. The BIL found her under the delivery truck at his work this morning, hiding between the rear tires. Of course, he couldn't let her get hurt, and there was no momma cat to be seen.

So, here she is. She's in quarantine until she gets to the vet and checked out. In the mean time, she's had a bath, has her own cardboard box playpen, and is getting fed kitten formula. Her momma hadn't weaned her yet, she has no idea what to do with the wet food or water in a dish. Good thing I have experience fostering very young kittens - bottle feeding is nothing new to me.

Stay tuned for more photos. And the announcement of what her name will be. For now she's "Fuzzball", "Fuzzy", or "Hairball".


Riley & Tiki said...

Awwww. What a sweety!

john said...

You're doing a wonderful thing. Whether she stays for a month or forever you've earned some special credit.