Thursday, October 21, 2004

flu vaccine shortage, part 2

This post over at IFOC is what got me started on this subject again. Read the news story at by the AP.

Prison inmates are getting vaccinated while those who are elderly and sick can't find any. I just hope those inmates getting it are at very high risk of death. I understand not wanting an outbreak in a confined population, like a prison. There's an easy way to prevent it. Isolation. Keep the prisoners isolated as much as possible during this flu season to prevent the spread of the disease.

I'm considered to be at high-risk of developing complications from the flu because I'm 1. a health-care worker, 2. have a chronic illness (which I will not get into right now), and 3. have a weakened immune system from medications. Ya know what, I'm NOT getting a flu shot this year because while I'll probably get the flu, and may develop some complications, it's highly unlikely that I'll die from it. Elderly people on home/portable oxygen are a whole lot more likely to die than I am, so I'll let someone else have mine, like my grandmother. That's what it boils down to. I'd rather be sick, hate life for a week or two, maybe even develop pneumonia and have to take antibiotics than have my grandmother with emphysema die from the flu. We're both high risk, we both should get vaccinated, and neither of us can get the nasal spray vaccine. I'll take my chances.

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