Friday, October 29, 2004

friday cat blogging

Amon, about 9 years old
This is Amon, a.k.a. Grump, Lard-Butt, or Old Man as he was most often called. Amon wandered into my life in 1997, shortly after my husband and I got Noah. He was a stray, but had been someone's pet since he was neutered and declawed. No one in the apartment complex claimed him, so he decided to own us, and teach that brat kitten already living there a thing or two. He was not a young kitty then, at least 7 by the vet's best estimate.

Amon disappeared from my soon-to-be-ex-husband's house about 6 months ago after getting into a fight with a neighborhood cat. All we found was wads of his fur, which was common after he wrestled with Noah. He was the only one of the 4 cats we couldn't keep inside. He'd been a stray/indoor/outdoor cat for so long that he was intolerable if he didn't get to go outside for a little bit each day. I prefer to keep cats indoors, however, Amon would cry, scatch, and try to sneak out a door when we tried on multiple occasions to make him a pure indoor cat. We weren't able to break so many years of habit.

Amon would have been 14+ on Halloween; that's close to when he adopted us and his "birthday". He wandered into our lives and wandered out again. Whether he adopted someone else or passed on, i hope he is at rest. So much for a happy post for today.

Amon and Noah, enjoying the empty boxes more than their new kitty beds, Christmas 2000

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