Wednesday, November 03, 2004

4 more years

So, Kerry conceded. I wasn't paying close attention to what the margin was, how many provisional votes had to be counted, etc., to know if he had a chance as of my previous post. Apparently not, which is fine. This election was decided by the people, not by the courts or by the House of Representatives, which would have been the case in the event each had received 269 electoral votes.

Now comes the little bug that's eating away at my brain. Maine and Nebraska both award the electoral votes individually, based on Congressional District, not winner take all for the state. Maine has 4 electoral votes. Canidate A could win in 3 Districts in while Canidate B could win in the 4th District. Or 2 and 2. So, if all 538 electoral votes were allocated in the same way, by individual Congressional District and not winner take all for the entire state, how different would the results be? (Here's the artist talking) How different would the map look with votes painted by district, not by state? I know this is a purely academic question, but hell, I love this kind of puzzle.

Argh. This is going to nag at my brain until I find out.


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