Friday, November 26, 2004

cute fuzziness overload - a.k.a. friday cat blogging

professional photo of a kitten sleeping

professional photo of 3 kittens sleeping

Three out of four narcoleptic kittens agree, the Oubliette could use some more material. To hell with 3 out of 4 narcoleptic kittens, what do they know about content?

This site was brought to my attention, and it's a great place to get a kitten fix. I've seen quite a few of the photos before, in various sites around the web. All the photos are obviously professional and by the same photographer. Regardless of who took the photos, they are still adorable, so enjoy the massive amounts of cuteness. If you have a slow connection, i.e. dial-up, this site will take a while to load, most of the pictures are 600 x 400 and all on one page. Fair warning.

professional photo of a kitten running through grass
I'm flying... at a very low altitude. Whee!

Nope, no pics of my own kitties this week's edition. Noah's and McCullough's Stories will be posted in the next couple of weeks. Maybe I'll get around to doing a little field reporting later, from the family farm. Stay tuned...

The Friday Ark is up over at Modulator.

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Word Y. Smith said...

Hi. Just found this page by chance. I do like your blog's name. And your sensibility. The icon is pretty, and the language of your blog's abstract (top bio) is both engaging, intimate, and poetic.

But I'm not sure where you found your definition of "oubliette." Was it a choice of convenience? As far as I've known, the word "Oubliette" refers to an (often maze-like) dungeon that can only be accessed by a trapdoor. It is a dungeon under the floor. An Oubliette is not one room. And the trapdoor part is key. This separates the Oubliette from the Dungeon or the Tower (a tower room something like Rapunzel's seems more in keeping with your usage, or perhaps a solitary room in a dungeon). The Oubliette part of your titling seems arbitrary. Why an "Oubliette" if the under-the-floor and trapdoor parts (the only distinctions of an Oubliette, to my knowledge) are neither important (apparently) nor even mentioned?

I mean no attack, please understand. I am a writer by trade, and an obsessive and overly thinking freak by nature.