Tuesday, November 16, 2004

scenic trip to the underworld

I managed to bribe Charon to bring me back across the River Styx. Ok, so I exaggerate. It wasn't that bad, although having a sinus infection and bronchitis at the same time is no fun. Thank the gods and pharmaceutical companies for antibiotics. Imagine breathing through pudding, it's about that much fun. I did get to catch up on some much needed sleep and some episodes of CSI:NY that have been sitting on the DVR for a couple of weeks.

I still haven't decided if I like CSI:NY as much as the other two or not. It has a much darker, moodier feel that the others don't. Vegas and Miami have such a glamour over what can be just as dark of an underworld, especially in the drug world of Miami. While NY has some of the glamour, it's also a more sophisticated glamour, not the in-your-face lights of Vegas or the beautiful bodies and beaches of Miami. It seems CSI:NY is mirroring the feeling of the city, darker, moodier, more sophisticated. I think CSY:NY will grow on me, once I become more familiar with the characters and the feel of the show itself, and not keep expecting it to be a carbon copy of the first two slapped into NY.

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