Thursday, September 28, 2006

bad kitty!

extreme closeup of Maleficent

No pirogi for the kitties! Mine, they're all mine!

Yes, there's some backstory here. I'm lazy so I don't make pirogi from scratch. I buy the frozen ones and go from there. Usually, once I boil them and attempt to saute them in butter. I generally end up with a pile of mangled, yet tasty, dinner.

Tonight was different, I managed to finally use enough butter to keep the buggers from sticking. I'm happily munching away at my plate of perfectly browned and intact pirogi. Sadly, there is a drawback to tonight's plan. Ok, so there's a couple of problems with tonight's plan. Maleficent and her fat ass thinks she needs a pirogi or 10. She already had her dinner, she needs to leave mine alone.

The other major problem is the brand I buy has 12 to a box. Neither S or K (formerly known as Tom and Luke, respectively; I'm getting lazy) like pirogi, so I get the entire box to myself. Now, I can (should) only eat about 6-8 at a time. I put the extras in a baggie and pop them back in the freezer. Unfortunately, it seems I never use the ones in the baggies and simply buy another box.

Tonight I was a good girl. I pulled out two baggies of pirogi, cooked them, even managed a perfect golden crust. Unfortunately (and there's always an unfortunately), apparently at one point I bought both the Potato and Cheese and the Potato and Onion varieties. Now I have a plate of pirogi roulette. Perfectly browned, crispy, pirogi roulette. I don't like the onion ones; I may have picked up a box for S to try. Or else I couldn't read that particular day. Or both.

You read it here first, pirogi roulette. Go ahead and insert your jokes about Eastern European ethnicity. I'll come after you painted in woad swinging a halberd.

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Desert Cat said...

I didn't know they could be bought frozen. I only get them when Mom makes them at Christmas. Except this Christmas she was to tired/lazy.

The ones I've always had are filled with a mixture of ground chicken and pork sausage. My Opa also used to make a few each batch with blueberry filling. But that was forty years ago.

I've never had one with potato in it.