Friday, October 28, 2005

friday catblogging

AKA going on strike.

Popcorn theif. So that's where it all went. Her stray roots are showing again.

And yes, I'm going on strike. Show some appreciation for this site, and I'll post more. Oh, yeah, and family is in town, so posting will be even more limited. Be happy you got Friday Catblogging.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mira!!! Pet the kitties for me... I miss y'all! Have a happy Halloween!!! Love ya! -FireGem

Rahel said...

Awww, sweet kitty!

Rebecca (PleasingPixie) said...

What happened to your hurricane posts? We finally got hit here in WPB, and I was waiting (once I got power back, of course) to see what you posted! :( How disappointing.

On another note, happy All Hallow's Eve!