Tuesday, October 04, 2005

some more health news

Yesterday I went to the pulmonologist, for allergy testing and asthma testing, to see if my respiratory infections were caused by. The results - no asthma. I couldn't do the allergy testing, I took some medication for nausea Sunday night, which is also an antihistamine. On the control test on my arm, the saline reacted equally to the pure histamine. So, in 2 weeks I go back for allergy testing. Yes, I realize I'm probably going to be allergic to cat dander. Oh, well, I'll get over it.

The other great revelation from yesterday is (and I know anyone who is a regular reader/chatter will be absolutely shocked by this) that I have a supressed immune system, and am susceptible to infections. I also have a very low pneumococcal antibody count, which means that I have no antibodies to Pneumococci ssp. bacteria, and my immune system just lets it run wild. So I received a pneumococcal vaccination yesterday, will get another antibody count in 4 weeks, and probably get another vaccination. No big deal. So, I just have to try to not get infections...

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