Sunday, November 20, 2005

cat-horse hybrid

Here's a couple of pics of the cat that owns my friend the Voodoo Queen.

Little Boy with my husband, for a sense of scale, who is 6 feet tall. Little Boy is a 26 pound monster of a cat, mountain lion, whatever.

With Little Boy is Cleopatra, structurally a normal sized but fat cat. My brother-in-law for scale. And yes, Little Boy wants to be a lap cat. Omph.


Laurence said...

That is one damn big cat!

I watched some Edloe movies today. Amazing how agile that grumpus could be when she wanted to turn quickly.

Ballpoint Wren said...

Enormous! But what a beautiful coat— so glossy.

DEBRA said...

Just absolutely gorgeous 26 pounds of fur.. and my smallest is only 5 pounds! wow... you could make 5 cats out of one! :-)

mira said...

He needs a saddle so you can ride him around. And he's the sweetest hunk of cat I've ever known. Well, he shits on things to complain about the catbox needing cleaning, but that's it.