Sunday, November 06, 2005

getting back to blogging

Ok, so I needed a whole day yesterday to recover from my vacation. Back to blogging now. First, no kitty blogging, but here are some photos that are a bit different.

We were driving along Rich Mountain Road, when we saw this walking towards us on the road. Immediately we stopped, and with windows rolled down, waited to see what would happen.

The canine in question paused, then walked along the driver's side of the our car, not fearful, merely cautious.

There is some question to what exactly this animal is - a Red Wolf (Canis rufus floridanus), a Coyote (C. latrans), or a hybrid of the two, with maybe a little domestic dog (C. lupus familiarius) thrown in for a little variety. I believe this individual is a female, due to the lack of obvious external genitalia. (It had no nuts, for those of you who feel I'm getting a little too scientific here.)

She was oh, so concerned about our presence.

So concerned, in fact that it's nap time. She stretched out her front paws, and shifted her butt back and forth to get comfy.

Really, it was nappy time, and she was only 10 feet from the rear bumper of the car. She stayed there until some yahoo came tearing down the road, skidding to a stop on the gravel, jumping out of the car to get a photo or two, scaring the poor she-wolf (since coyotes are a type of wolf) off and down the valley.


Rebecca (PleasingPixie) said...

Oh, how pretty! I'm glad you had a good vacation! I'm also glad you're back-missed the blogging.

Ballpoint Wren said...

Great pictures! I think it's a coyote. Look at this.

It sure does have a personality.