Friday, November 18, 2005

harry potter movie #4

Well, I have some mixed feelings on the new Harry Potter movie. Honestly, about half of the book was left out, it focused on the Tri-Wizard Tournament, and the re-birth of Voldemort. Now, if you haven't read the book yet, I can't really suggest which to do first, read the book or watch the movie. I guess it all depends on what version of imagery you want in your head, the movie version, or your own. Of course I had my own version of the Quidditch World Cup stadium, which was promptly replaced forever by the beautiful computer-generated version.

Overall, I really liked the movie. It's no substitution for the book, it simply has so much more story. But the graphics were beautiful, and it was much more of an action movie than the previous ones. Very satisfying, although I'm waiting for the Peter Jackson style Extended Edition, with an extra hour or so of movie. Maybe that's too much to hope for.

And how did I go to see the movie tonight? Just like this, Death Eater all the way, and a proud member of Slytherin.


I so love Photoshop. I guess I could make one with me casting the Killing Curse, get that nice green color going. Oh, and just FYI, whenever I take a Sorting Hat type quiz, I'm a Ravenclaw. But it's so hard to pass up being a Death Eater for a day. Or maybe I'm one of the evil Ravenclaws. Maybe I'm yet another double agent, in the event Snape screws up his assignment as a spy.

Avada Kedavra!

Or maybe I'm not such a nice Ravenclaw after all.


Ballpoint Wren said...

No way! You went as a Death Eater! You wicked girl!

Heh! Somehow I don't see you in Slytherin. I was thinking Ravenclaw.

I think I'm in Hufflepuff myself: all work, no fun.

mira said...

I took an online quiz, and I was sorted into Ravenclaw, with Gryffindor and Hufflepuff tying for second, and Slytherin being a distant third. You can't see it in this pic, but there is a mask brooch holding my robes together at my neck, a drama mask, so I decided I had to be a Deathe Eater. :)

Dindel said...

alright. so I saw the movie last night. (dressed as myself) and i loved it. honestly, Its the best one ever. they didnt leave out anything too important. and they make a refreance to everything...
also. READ THE BOOK FIRST. when you see the stadium you'll want to learn how to extend your imagination!!