Thursday, August 17, 2006

apparently i don't learn...

So, yesterday afternoon I decided that I'd had enough of the yard looking like crap. It hadn't been mowed in the past month. Admittedly, the grass hasn't been growing much due to a general lack of rain, but once the rains started again it took off. Now, there will be those of you who will know what comes next.

Mira snapped. The grass had to die. It didn't matter that I'm sensitive to heat. I drug out the lawnmower, gassed it up, and attacked the front yard. On the up side, the front yard looks a lot better. On the down side, the heat stroke wasn't much fun. OK, so it wasn't full-blown heat stroke. Technically it was heat exhaustion, so a cool shower and fluids was sufficent treatment.

At least I waited for the ambient temperature to be about 10 degrees F below body temperature to pull that stunt.

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