Thursday, December 23, 2004


Yes, I'm going bitch about the cold, and give a somewhat objective report. It's a whopping 24°F with a wind chill of 11°F. It's snowing right now, flurries, just enough make it feel like Christmas. It's slick in some places, but not the ice event that could have happened. My car's doors were frozen shut, and there were beads of ice covering the car. It could have been worse.

In Southern Indiana, I've been told it's a historic snowfall. Mom and Dad report 33 inches on the farm. The National Weather Service is officially reporting 14-29 inches in Southern Indiana, with some counties reporting 4 and 5 foot drifts. Eirene reported about 24 inches at their house this morning, and her boys were loving it. Eirene is taking pictures for me, and I will post them when I get them. And the temperatures up there? Damn cold. High of 7°F tomorrow, low of -8°F tomorrow night. Eirene's and Mom and Dad's cats all have absolutely no interest in going outside. Their attitude is, as Eirene so eloquently put it, "Fuck this shit!"

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