Sunday, December 26, 2004

morning after christmas

Another Christmas has come and gone. Noah is enjoying leftover turkey up here at my parents in southern Indiana, the great frozen wonderland. There's 2-3 feet of snow on the ground, some drifts are 5 feet tall. The farm is beautiful, where Dad hasn't cleared it, the perfect winter scene. No one is going anywhere unless it's been plowed or shoveled, not even the cats or dogs. Everyone is simply trying to stay warm and out of the drifts. The cats all are looking for laps.

Earlier today, Noah was settling into his new favorite chair, looking out one of the windows, happy he wasn't outside in the snow. As I watched, he stood up, and began growling. I thought one of my parents' cats had decided to explore him some more, and he was being unfriendly, although I was suprised, since the worst of the growling ended this morning. As I watched, he stood up, and looked out the window, still growling. Suddenly, a little dog head popped up, looking in, and it wasn't one of my parents' dogs. Dad and I went to the door, and saw a coon-hound puppy, maybe 6 months old, standing on the drifts. She was cold and scared, looking for some shelter.

We let her in. The cats hated it. Yesterday I brought Noah, who they tolerate, but a dog today? How much worse can it get? She checked them out while we found a dish and gave her some food and water, and warmed her up.

It's the day after Christmas on the farm. Yesterday's present already found it's way to their door. Someone was so desperate, so eager to get rid of her, that they went out on roads that are barely plowed to dump her. Yesterday's present was shivering and hungry, trying to get someone's attention. Yesterday's present already "went for a ride." At least they didn't shoot her, and left her here, where it's obvious someone takes care of dogs. At least they didn't dump her in the middle of a field and leave her to freeze to death. A bullet would be kinder than that fate - quicker and painless.

Noel has a home now. She's been introduced to the other dogs, is sharing their food and their house. She will sleep with the pack, share their warmth. Noel has a home.

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