Sunday, December 26, 2004

the end of the world is coming...

I just got done watching the History Channel's program on the apocalypse, how the book of Revelations has been interpreted through the centuries. It also discussed natural and man-made disasters, and how they could be interpreted as signs. The disasters was the most interesting part of the program.

Things are going to be getting very interesting in the world over the next 10 years or so. With the weather we've all had recently, I've heard a lot of "What global warming? This is the snowstorm of the century." Basically, as the planet warms and the ice caps continue to melt, lots of fresh water is being dumped into the north Atlantic. This is disrupting the Gulf Stream in the Atlantic Ocean, causing it to not re-circulate and re-warm the water. As a result of this disruption in the ocean's currents, weather patterns are changing. North America is seeing colder winters. It's predicted that the average temperature will drop 10°F in the next 10 years. This week could become the norm for winter, or something similar.

In addition to world weather patterns shifting, the program discussed massive earthquakes, volcano eruptions on the order of Krakatoa, massive tsunami, droughts, asteroid impacts, global epidemics, etc. Events that could cause people lots of problems, and cause thousands, even millions of deaths. All of these events would be devastating on a regional or even world-wide basis. Yes, it would cause a human tragedy with the number of deaths. Fortunately, the world will keep spinning, life will go on.

Life adapts to changes in environment. Even the human race will survive, society will continue. I know this sounds brutal and cold-hearted, the world is overpopulated. I wish we'd stop reproducing so effectively, I don't want to see human suffering. I also know you can't save everyone. Tragedy happens. We can't predict earthquakes, so we can't evacuate an area before one. Tidal waves from earthquakes move fast, and hit remote areas that can't be notified in time. All we can do is help the survivors and bury the dead. The planet will survive, even if we manage to wipe ourselves out. All of the rest of life on Earth will continue, and some of it will be better off with us gone.

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