Monday, December 20, 2004

a little stream of conciousness writing


soft, warm, silky, smooth

my fingers weave through the fur
soft, fluffy, warm, purr

soft fur, soft paws, warm weight, bright eyes
she shifts and settles, stripes always moving, pattern changing

she sighs, she settles, she sleeps
soft, sleeping, warm on my lap
my fingers weave through her fur


Anonymous said...

the desrciption of the warm and fuzzy.....alludes to the cat??...but it would be easy to place u there...warm weight....soft and gentle.....was it really the cat....?? whezzerrr

mira said...

I moved your comment from the previous post to this one. Guess you clicked the wrong comment link. :) Oh, well, it happens...

Yes, I was writing about a cat, specifically McCullough. :)