Sunday, December 19, 2004

the naming of things

For those of you who are I have named on this blog, close friends and family, you're probably wondering how in the hell I came up with the name I chose. For Tom, I needed a name fairly quickly, so I chose a common Biblical name, Thomas, which had a common nickname. For my brother-in-law, I decided to stay in the Biblical/saintly theme. Since he is an artist, Luke, the patron saint of artists seemed to be an obvious choice.

For my sister, I wanted a name that related to spring in some way. I found Eirene, Greek goddess of Peace and also of Spring. Eirene is one of the three daughters of the goddess Themis (Law) and Zeus in Greek mythology, called the Three Horai. Her sisters were Dika (Justice) and Eunomia (Order). My roommate is just as much of a CSI nut as I am, so Dika seemed very appropriate. Eumonia is very much like myself, organized chaos is a good description for my organizing system. "Don't move anything, I know exactly where everything is! No, really, I do."

Where does my name come into everything? If you are a regular reader, you've noticed the slight schitzophrenia with switching between Cetus and Mira. Mira has won out as my name in the blogosphere, simply because I like the sound of it better. Both are from astronomy. Cetus, the Whale, is a constellation, and Mira is a star in Cetus. Well, a variable binary star system, a white dwarf orbiting a red giant. Read more on Mira at Wikipedia.

For anyone who I have not given an alias and would like one, let me know. Pick one, I'll pick one, whichever. Use it for posting comments or to sign posts if/when I decide to have guest bloggers.

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