Friday, September 09, 2005

friday catblogging

Another photo in the study of cats in their state of rest. This time the subject is Maleficent.

I have no idea how she is managing to not slide off the back of the couch.

I might as well take the time to tell Maleficent's tale. I've posted plenty pictures of her, but not told you her story yet. So, here we go. First, Maleficent is not my cat, she owns my brother-in-law, Luke, who is living with my husband (his brother) and I right now. Maleficent is a shelter rescue kitty. She was about 1 1/2 years old when Luke went to an animal shelter in his hometown of Columbus, Georgia. At the time he was living in an apartment, going to college, and decided Mac needed a friend. I don't know the exact process of who chose whom, but Maleficent went home with Luke. She had been at the shelter for almost a year, and was already declawed.

Maleficent spent her first few days adjusting to her new surroundings, having spent most of her life in a shelter in a cage with other cats. She wasn't sure what to do with all the space and only one other cat, so she hid for a while. Maleficent and Mac aren't exactly the best of friends, it's more of a toleration of each other. At first Maleficent was a skinny kitty, and since Luke provided dry kibble for the kitties all the time, she acted like she would never get fed again, until she settled into her new home. So, now she is a rather pudgy kitty. She also has the shortest tail, in proportion to body size (excluding the bobtail breeds) I or her vet here in Huntsville has ever seen. Dr. Wendy burst out something along the line of "You poor thing, someone forgot to take your kitten tail and give you a big one!"

Luke, Maleficent, and Mac all moved to Huntsville so Luke could transfer to a local university, and after living in an apartment, he moved into the house, in the guest bedroom. Maleficent and Mac lived in Luke's room because the resident cats were all too happy to pick on them. Recently we started using cat pheremone diffusers, which help to calm cats who are in stress, and cut down on spraying. As recent photos have shown, Maleficent has become a "whole house" cat, and Mac followed shortly after.

The origin of her name? That's the name of the evil fairy in "Sleeping Beauty". I can't give any more details, since she isn't my cat. I can continue to take pictures of her, however.


catherine said...

Great pic. It's called sideways gravity. I have often pushed my cats back up on top of a pile of something, a pillow, whatever, only to have them slide halfway down again and come to a stop.

Where do you get these diffusers you mention?

mira said...

Originally I had to get the diffuser kit and refills from my vet. Recently PetSmart started carrying them in both stores in Huntsville. They work like a home fragrance diffuser, you plug it in an outlet, and there is a resevoir of the pheremone that you can buy separately to refill them. They are called Feliaway (in a blue box) or Comfort Zone (in a pink box). The only difference from the research I've done is that there are 2 different manufacturers of the kits, sold by the same company. You can buy them online from pet pharmacies.