Wednesday, September 14, 2005

a reduction in blogging

Due to a fall yesterday, I damn near broke my left wrist. Long story short, I slipped and fell outside, on a slope in my side yard. I landed on my butt and left hand, wrist bent back at impact, and elbow locked, so the force went through my elbow, into of my wrist and shoulder. Last night it started hurting like a MF (about an 8 on the 1-10 pain scale), and as I palpated it, one of my carpals (wrist bones) was moving, and it shouldn't have been. Not to mention it hurt more than before.So, I decided I really needed an MD to look at it.

So, I saw Dr. F, my general practioner, who took one look at it and said it was broken, due to deformity, before sending me for an x-ray. So, I had the x-rays done, which was one floor down, and as I carried them up, I had to read my own films. I didn't see any fractures, which made me happy, and I wanted to see if my skill at reading films was still up to speed - several ER docs have given impromptu lessons to EMTs on the films of patients we've brought in. Dr. F came back after having looked at my film, and said he didn't see a fracture. Then he looked at my wrist again, and still thought there was a fracture, because of the deformity. (Yeah, I'm typing more since the Lortabs have kicked in). He felt the bones, and couldn't feel any indication of a fracture, nothing moved, nothing hurt aside from what one would expect from a soft-tissue injury. Still in disbelief, he re-read my films, and had 2 other docs in the office look too. He said that he would have bet it was fractured, but as he put it "you're doing something right" and it's amazing that I didn't fracture anything.

So it's rest, bracing, and pain meds. Posting will occur when the pain meds are in effect, and I'm not asleep. Hopefully once a day, we'll have to see. Always fun in my little world, I swear.

I'm glad my neruologist started me on a week run of Medrol (a cortico-steroid) Monday, which was prescribed to reduce any inflammation in my nervous system, but it will also help out with the wrist injury. I guess if I had to have this happen, it could have been worse, timing wise.

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