Sunday, September 25, 2005

i think i need to change my underwear now

This is not a drill. I have in the past posted images of state-wide tornado drills, which were eerily similar, but this is not a joke. We're getting rain bands from Tropical Depresson Rita, and every little cell has spun up a radar-indicated or spotter sighted tornado. Hell, I even saw the wall cloud of one cell as it passed by the house, and possibly even a funnel cloud forming. I couldn't tell since it went behind some trees before I could be sure.

The rain bands responsible for this afternoon's weather.


Omnibus Driver said...

You're in my prayers, Sweetie! Stay safe... and dry.

TallDave said...

Good luck!

Hey, what's that thing with the bubbles on Simon's site? Do they like water better with bubbles? Where do I get one?

mira said...

Omnibus Driver - Thanks for the prayers. Everyone was safe, I just got soaked while storm spotting. I had the local news station on for over 3 hours while this mess moved through.

talldave - Thanks for the luck. It's called a Cat-It fountain. The water is stored in the dome, which bubbles as the dome empties into the fountain. I purchased mine at a small, local pet store, but larger chains should carry it also.