Sunday, September 04, 2005

sunday catblogging

Yeah, I know I'm running a few days behind on things, but oh, well. You all will get over it. My Carnival of the Cats and Friday Ark Submissions (and an update on the kitties, katrina - the worst is over, no pics tonight) were about the cats' and mine experiences riding out then Tropical Storm Katrina 300 miles inland in Huntsville, Alabama. I know that we were spared the worst, but by being able to blog about my experiences, I'm hoping that it will help bring attention to the plight of those who were much less fortunate than I, and experienced Katrina at her worst.

All the media are bombarding viewers with ways to help. One of two ways to help is to donate to the U.S. Humane Society, to help the animals who have also been afflicted by this disaster. To help the humans, contact the American Red Cross to either donate money, or to volunteer your time.

And now, since you have read my little speech about how you can help, here is another photo in the McCullouch Perfects the Fine Art of Napping series, taken on the day before Tropical Storm Katrina roared through Huntsville.

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