Thursday, September 22, 2005

hurricane rita

No, I've not been living in a little cave, and I do know what a bitch of a storm Rita has turned into. She's currently the 3rd strongest Atlantic hurricane, in the 100 some odd years we've been keeping detailed records. Katrina is the 5th strongest. For this week. At this rate, well, I don't want to continue at this rate, because we're going to end up with Hurricane Beta (that's what happens when we run out of names, go to the Greek Alphabet), is going to be an even stronger.

Something so destructive and so beautiful at the same time. Beautiful spirals, bands of clouds, a galaxy in minature, riding the currents of our own oceans.

M83, a spiral galaxy similar to our own

Nature is neutral, not good or evil, it just is. Hurricanes like Rita, Katrina, and others are simply an energy release mechanism for our planet. The energy becomes concentrated, moved someplace else, and dissipates. Unfortunately for those in the path of these storms, it's hard to see these storms for what they are, neutral forces of nature, with no more malice than a single raindrop.

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