Saturday, December 24, 2005

blog musings

I'm sitting here, looking at Sitemeter and the TTLB Ecosystem status for this blog, and I've noticed something odd. In the past year, the monthly readership of this site has increased by approximately 1000%. Yes, that figure is right, I have 100 times the number of monthly hits I had a year ago. My site traffic had increased dramatically, and continues to increase at a slower rate. So, then, why am I de-evolving in the TTLB Ecosystem? I was all the way up to mamalian status, and now I'm back down to a reptile.

Now, I'll admit my content hasn't been the most thought-stimulating, or consistent, but you try taking Valium three times a day and see how productive you are. Now, I have noticed one other connection with my downward slide in the TTLB Ecosystem, which I know heavily relies on links: becoming open about my spiritual views. Has my expression of my views driven people to drop me from their Blogrolls, or has the content reflected my necessary sedatives, and the more sedate nature of my more recent posts? Just curious as to what has caused this trend. If anyone has any insights, feel free to leave them in the comments. And don't get hateful about it, or I'll send Callie Bellatrix and The Wild Eep to go claw your eyes out. Then I'll delete the comment, or ridicule it in a post, depending on my mood. You were warned. Don't make me unleash my squirrely wrath.


bearbee said...

I know nothing about TTLB Ecosystem so I located site and noticed changes were posted 12/4/05 TruthLaidBear
explaining attempts to provide better measurements.

Hope this helps......

Desert Cat said...

To mask my own disappointment with the new system, I have assigned myself a new category. I'm a "ceramic chia pet" in the TTLB Ecosystem. Tphhht!

mira said...

I feel better that I'm not the only one going WTF? at the "updated" system. I think I may have to assign myself to a new category and say to hell with it.

Rebecca (PleasingPixie) said...

Speaking of your religious views, when are you going to update the Oubliette's Alcove? I miss those updates :( Merry Christmas!

Ballpoint Wren said...

I think the whole TTLB world got a great, cosmic adjustment recently, most of us downward!

I think TTLB only counts those people enrolled in the Ecosystem, so the results may be a bit skewed. I'm not sure if Technorati does the same thing (only counting those links with a Technorati connection).

Jaquandor said...

Every so often TTLB reworks the way things are tabulated over there. I wouldn't pay it a whole lot of mind, really; just keep using Technorati to track who's linking you and SiteMeter to track who's dropping by (which I'm not doing enough, I admit).

Ann Þø said...

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