Friday, December 23, 2005

callie's full name

I think I have learned Callie's full name, and while I will never know the name that she keeps to herself, here is her full name: Caliadne Gwenhwyfar Bellatrix.
  • Caliadne - Greek, "beautifully holy", the name of a Nymph of the Nile River
  • Gwenhwyfar - Celtic/Welsh mythology, gwyn "white, fair" and hwyfar "smooth", French/English form is Guinevere
  • Bellatrix - Latin, feminine "warrior"
She has such adorable "snow boots" on her paws, and a white belly, silky smooth fur, picks more than her fair share of fights (and wins), and must have been sent by the Gods to be so lucky. She even knows and responds to Bellatrix, gave me a "what are you going to do about it" look when I ran that name by her. She's a fighter, or else she never would have found a home. She didn't like the name Felicia or Feliciana, both are Roman feminine for "lucky, successful". She's still Callie for short, though.


Niobium said...

The Beasts each have three names:

Caesar "Big Daddy" Strega
Harley Davidson Softail
Francesca Mae Galilea
Jaxsun Trifang Moon

She is a beautiful cat, no matter what her names are.

Laurence said...

What a cool name.