Saturday, December 24, 2005

the naming of cats, part 2

Ok, I guess that technically Caliadne Gwenhyfar Bellatrix has a fourth name, d'Oubliette "of/from the Oubliette" for those of you who don't speak French. So, here are all of the cats' full names, oldest to youngest, age in parenthesis:
  • Noah Nightstalker d'Oubliette (8) - Hey, he picked his own middle name. Nevermind that Nightstalker is currently splayed out on the recliner, sleeping the night away.
  • McCullough Bruta d'Oubliette (6) - Bruta is Latin Feminine for "dull witted". A nicer form of her nickname "Fur For Brains"
  • Eep Grimalkin d'Oubliette (4) - Grimalkin is the name of the Witch's Cat in MacBeth, and the name means "a female cat" and "an ill-tempered woman". Given Eep's mood swings are legendary, it so fits her, and again is nicer that "You Little Shit!"
  • Caliadne Gwenhyfar Bellatrix d'Oubliette (2) - you'll just have to read this post to get the meanings of all her names, she's Callie or Bellatrix for short.
And that leads to my own name. If you hadn't figured it out by now, my penname for this site means "Mira of the Oubliette". Mira is a Latin name, and the name of the first binary star to be named. It was observed as early as the second century BCE by Greek astronomers, and is located in the constellation Cetus. Mira means "a wonder", and yes, it is my real name. At least one of them. Sorry, readers, I'm not giving away any more that that, because to know someone's true name is to have power over them, or at least makes stalking and privacy invasion much easier. :) And as T.S. Eliot wrote, each cat has a secret name, individual to that cat, that only the cat knows, which is why we will never have any real power over them.

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