Friday, December 16, 2005

merry yule, saturnalia, christmas, hanukah

The Yule Tree is up, and here are a few of my favorite ornaments along with the mostly decorated tree.

A Victorian kitty. Pull the string and her arms move up and down.

A glass and silver wire ornament I picked up in Colonial Williamsburg on a business trip in the area.

The fake stained-glass star, crowning the tree.

The mostly decorated tree in it's glory. Photo taken with flash, so the ornaments are more easily visible.

And yes, it's a Yule/Saturnalia/Christmas/Hanukah tree. Hey, I'm an equal opportunity Theist.


Ballpoint Wren said...


How do you keep the cats off? My Siamese likes to climb the trunk.

Scratch that, I think my biggest problem this year will be figuring out how to keep our bulldog away from the whole tree.

mira said...

Considering the trunk is a slick aluminum pole, it's kinda hard for them to get a good grip on it. The tree itself was up with the lights only on it for about 5 days before I put the glass ornaments on it, so they could get knocking it over out of their system before it became fragile. About 3 days ago the metal and wood ornaments went on, which would be sturdier.

Last night, overnight is when all the glass ornaments, bead garland, and ribbon went on. I'm hoping it's safe, since they've had several days to get the novelty out of their system. Gods be with me. :)