Friday, December 16, 2005

friday catblogging

Callie is adjusting to life inside the house, and is practicing looking regal.

In reality, she is hoping someone will let her go outside. She's starting to miss the outdoor life, but that is something she will never experience again. She has 3000 square feet of house to play in now, she simply needs to figure out what windows are for.

Again, thank you to everyone who has donated to the Keep the Cats Healthy Fund which was previously known as the Give Callie a Home Fund. If you can spare a buck or two, please consider donating, since the original fund was used entirely in Callie's original visit to the vet, and she still has a second round of vaccinations.


Laurence said...

What if someone were to claim Callie as their own?

mira said...

In all seriousness, I would turn them into the County Sherrif's office for animal cruelty, for starving Callie. My cousin, Socrates, is a vet tech and initally checked out Callie over Halloween when she and my sister's family visited. Socrates could put her thumb and finger around Callie's spine, just in front of her pelvis, and they were only 1/2 inch from touching. Callie was truly emaciated, and if she wasn't so fluffy, it would have been possible to see her ribs sticking out. On a 1-5 scale, 1 being normal, 5 the worst, Callie was a 4/5. She was that bad.

Whomever had her before, and had her spayed, has no legal right to her anymore in this state. Starvation is animal cruelty, and my cousin would testify in court to the state of Callie. Also, Callie wasn't microchipped, so possession is what counts in this state. Someone tries to claim her as theirs, they can go fuck themselves. I won't eat or get certain medications of mine filled to make sure my cats are taken care of, or give them to my parents before I let one loose to starve to death. I've already had to bury one neighborhood kitten, less than a year old. I'm doing what I can so I don't have to bury any more.

Niobium said...

Mira: I'm with ya. The owners can screw an electrical socket.

Rahel said...

If someone deliberately starved Callie, then the best I can wish for that person (and I use the term "person" loosely here) is that their karma should catch up with them very soon and bite them hard on the butt.

On the other hand, maybe Callie got out and got lost. Is it certain that she was being deliberately starved?

At any rate, she is very, very fortunate to have found you, Mira. Please give her some skritches for me.

mira said...

I have no proof that she was deliberately starved. All I have proof of is that she was starving when I started feeding her, and she had no identification on her - no collar, no microchip, or anything.

My now deceased cat Amon was an example of a cat who was simply left outside when his family moved out of their apartment. He became terrified every time we moved, like he was going to be left behind again. Abandonment counts as animal cruelty in this state. If she ran away, she had a month while I was feeding her and trying to decide what we could do with her to try to find her way home, which she couldn't do. There were also no lost cat posters, and neighbors said she had been wandering the neighborhood looking for handouts for several weeks before my cousin looked at her.

I have no proof of deliberate animal cruelty, but since I have now provided documented medical care for her, she is mine, legally, regardless of any claim anyone else may make. There are a lot of calico cats that look very similiar.

Aloysius said...

I thank The Great Cat for humans like you who rescue and cherish members of my species. Soon I will tell the story in my own pages of how amanuensis took me in.