Friday, December 09, 2005

when i know, you'll know

Callie has not had her appointment yet. It's at 4:00 CST, had to wait until my husband could get off work to take us. So, as soon as I get back from the vet, I'll post the news, and some pics of one pissed off cat.

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Ballpoint Wren said...

You've got a good heart, Mira! Callie is a beauty!

Here's my suggestion for a name:

"Carling" or "little champion." It's close to "Callie."

"Sorcha" or "brightness, light." Because she's so colorful and pretty. And I liked the character named Sorcha in Willow.

And lest you think I can spout Gaelic off the top of my head, here's where I got the first and second ideas.