Tuesday, December 20, 2005

this week's health update

I went to my rheumatologist, Dr. H, last week for my standard bi-monthly Remicade infusion, and we discussed the possibility of all of my neurological problem being caused by Lupus. After having read an article about it, and found a list of the symptoms, which I have about 65% of, I needed to know if that was a possibility. While there is a blood test that can be done for Lupus, the fact I am on Remicade would cause it to come back positive. Apparently the new biological auto-immune disorder treatments (Remicade, Enbrel, Humira, and a couple of others) cause a Lupus test to show a false positive. Also, as Dr. H put it, there are so many other disorders that have the same symptoms as Lupus, it's impossible to make a diagnosis without the bloodwork.

The up side is that I'm not rapidly getting worse after each Remicade infusion, which would be the case if I had Lupus. I tend to feel like crap for a day or two (like I'm trying to catch a cold), but overall the neurological problems don't get any worse. So, at least that's one more thing that is ruled out.

Unfortunately, the Remicade has significantly weakened my immune system for about a week (as it always does after an infusion, this is nothing new), and I've picked up a nasty sinus infection and bronchitis just in time for the holidays. Oh, whee. Mom has made the Executive Decision that I will stay at home and rest over the holidays, and that I can see everyone at a later date, and that Mom, Dad, and who knows else will visit here next week so I don't have to leave home.

So, kind readers, I will be here all week, blogging when I'm not sleeping, and having my own little Yule celebration. My husband and brother-in-law will be heading to Georgia to see my in-laws, and I will stay here to rest. Eunomia (the Voodoo Queen) will check in on me in the evenings, to be sure I've managed to keep myself alive during the day. I think I can manage that, there's plenty of quick-cook food in the house that I can keep myself decently on my own for 3 days. I also have the Chineese delivery menu, I'll be fed one way or another. And I'll have plenty of cats to keep me company.


Niobium said...

Feel better.

bearbee said...

I have osteoarthritis. I help manage pain through diet, that is through a systematic trial and error method I have learned what foods increase pain levels and eliminate them from my diet.

May you, Callie and the rest of your furry family have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year