Friday, July 29, 2005

friday catblogging, part 2

Three cats, one couch, zero bloodshed. A miracle caught in pixels.

Left to right: Kitty MacBoing Boing (aka Mac), Maleficent, and Noah


Laurence said...

Wait... hold on... who is that in the back?

They look an awful lot like you-know-who did.

Goob/Kris said...

A miracle in the making! If you didn't have proof, I wouldn't have believed you.

mira said...

L to R is Mac, Maleficent, and Noah. Only 2 more cats left in the house to get in the house to get in a single frame.

FireGem120888 said...

Wow!! That's amazing! How long did that last?

Oh, by the way, has anyone tod you what I did? I cut a lot of my hair off! Remember how long it was? Now it's at my shoulders. And I got it highlighted today. Red, of course. Looks sooo awesome! I'll have to upload pictures and send them to you or something.

mira said...

That idyllic scene lasted about all of 10 seconds before somebody got upset about the arangement and took off.

FireGem - Cool about the hair, nobody told me about it. Put it up on Flickr, or email, whichever you prefer.