Friday, July 22, 2005

the true nature of antibiotics and bacteria

While having a lot of time to think, mostly of random crap, I've decided that my sinus infection is a lot like enemy troops, holed up and dug in, and will fight to the last man, er, microbe, much like the Japaneese soldiers of WWII. The bacteria have dug in and will fight to the death. So, seeing the need to eliminate the enemy, Dr. F gave me a 10 day run of Biaxin XL. Biaxin knows the enemy well, know it's tricks, and will attack with minimal of civilian casualties (the normal bacteria all humas are supposed to have in our intestines, etc). Seven days is usually all Biaxin needs to clear out all enemy bacteria, but they have ten to get the job done, to be sure all pockest of resistance have been eliminated.

Sometimes, however, despite the valliant effort of Biaxin, or any of the other platoons sent to root out the enemy bacteria, they are unable to complete the mission. The microbes have become sneaky, are hiding among the friendlies, and impossible to eliminate. That's when the doctor sends in the Special Forces, Flagyl being one of the units at ready. Flagyl receives it's orders "Men, we know the enemy is sneaky, has started hiding among the civilian population. Your orders are to go in and destroy every organism that is not the human's body. Do you understand!? It does not matter how many cells the organism has, or if it claims to be a friendly. This is a serious situation we are being sent into. There will be no prisioners taken. If you see a microbe, you will kill it. It is that simple. Any questions!? Good! Now go and do your duty and protect the human body at all costs."

Oh, yeah, it's that kind of afternoon. I'm sure the war for my sinuses between the microbes and the Biaxin isn't helping at all.

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