Friday, July 15, 2005

friday catblogging

Today, Mac gets a little screen time.

Mac does his best roadkill impression in the hallway.

Mac poses for a formal portrait.

Mac started to get annoyed with the flashing thing.

Mac has been spending the past couple of months spending more and more time in the rest of the house, and has even been getting along with the other cats. Amazingly enough, I've even witnessed Mac and Noah playing and giving each other friendly head-butts.
Check out everybody else's creatures of many sorts over at Modulator, with the Friday Ark. (Although, happily, cat posts are still way ahead of dog posts.)


Goob/Kris said...

Mac needs a good scritching on that belly. He's got gorgeous belly markings.

Christine said...

I love the roadkill in the hallway shot. That cat is WAY too tense, needs to learn how to relaaax. :)