Saturday, July 30, 2005

update on my medical tests

Friday, I went through some more testing. First was the evoked potential testing, which tests how fast my nerves carry signals to my brain. The nurses performing the tests weren't able to do the visual part, the computer that controls the visual stimulus crapped out. The test wasn't that bad. The worst part is that the nurse was having a hard time finding the proper nerve in my ankle which causes the toes to move. The probe administering the electric shock was a small plastic rectangle with 2 metal discs about 2 inches apart, and on my left ankle she really had to press hard to find the correct nerve bundle. Aside from that, the only bad part was the conductive gel that was used to hold the electrodes in place on my head. Think about the nastiest, stickiest, glop hair-gel you can, double that, and that's what held the electrodes in place on my head. Fortunately, it's water soluble, so it washed out when I got home.

After removing electrodes from all over my head, and God only know where on the rest of my body, it was off for an MRI of my head and neck, looking for lesions. I was tired, from having been awake most of the night before, due to plain insomnia, and the tech remarked on how relaxed I was in the MRI tunnel, even with all the loud noises and crap it makes. Since I had ear plugs, then foam wedges holding my head still, it really muffled the sound, and I actually fell asleep during the MRI. The tech toward the end needed to give me an IV injection of contrast dye, and the tech was concerned that I was having a bad reaction, passing out at the thought of a needle, or whatever. Nope, was just taking a nap. That was a new first for the MRI tech. I am officially the first person to fall asleep during an MRI.

No news on the results. I should have the results of both by August 9, at the latest, which is when my spinal tap is scheduled for. So, just a little more waiting, and hopefully I will know something.

Thanks to everybody for the encouragement, well-wishes, and prayers to the Divine Being(s) of your choice.

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