Thursday, July 21, 2005

we're back in business

Some nice little storms came through here last night, and one lightning strike was very close to the house. Very close as in seeing the flash in the late afternoon, in the bedroom, with the curtains closed, and MY EYES SHUT. I haven't found where it struck yet, but it has to be within about 100 yards of the house. It was the kind of lightning strike where you hear it coming, crackling, and then BOOM!

Well, wherever the lightning struck, the cable modem was fried through the cable line, since everything on the same surge protector is still working fine. So, nearly 24 hours later, after borrowing Luke's cable modem, we're back in business. Otherwise we would have to wait until Saturday for the cable company to come out and swap units. A plus for renting hardware"This one is fried, gimme a new one." There was no way we could go until Saturday without internet access. Well, if it had come to that, everyone would have been subjected to a rather hectic, slapped together, Carnival of the Cats on Sunday.

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