Friday, July 22, 2005

variations of the english language

We all know that the English language has many variations, the most obvious is American vs British English. I think last night I was composing my posts in another, more localized variation of the English language - medicine head. I re-read what I wrote last night, about the trip to the neurologist mainly, and while it was English, it wasn't a form I was familiar with. I've edited the post, so if you didn't already read it, you missed it.

Actually, being an amateur linguist, I think Medicne Head English is what I was writing in, and is closely related a more familiar dialect - Ethanol English, a.k.a. Beer English or Drunk English. I believe those of you who are familiar with Ethanol English were able to read my post with minimal difficulty. If you have never visited a tribe that speaks Ethanol English almost constantly (such as the ΔΧ or ΣΝ tribes), then you may have had problems reading Medicine Head English. Those of you who were once part of the above listed, or similar tribes, should not have had any problem at all at translation.

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