Monday, April 04, 2005

blog stuff

Slowly, this site is wandering away from the Blogger Scribe template I initially used, and evolving into something else. I liked the antique feel of Scribe, the parchment and leather tones and feel, but it needed some customization. Which brings me to the current revision. I'm now using 100% custom graphics, and the CSS has been changed so much it doesn't resemble the original code anymore.

So, now's your chance to say whatever you want about The Oubliette. I especially want to know about any trouble anyone has had loading/viewing the page. Or turn it into an open thread, whatever.

1 comment:

Rurality said...

It works better now. I used to have to scroll way down to see any of the posts, but now they're up at the top where they should be. :)