Tuesday, April 05, 2005

once in a lifetime event

On this Friday, April 8, 2005, individuals in New Zealand, South and Central America, and Southern parts of North America will have a chance to witness a hybrid solar eclipse. This type of eclipse is both total (sun completely hidden) and annular (ring of sun visible around the moon) along the path of totality, depending on where the viewer is located on the curvature of the earth. Where the viewer is physically closer to the moon, the eclipse will be total, where in other areas the eclipse will be annular.

More detailed discussion of the mechanics of a hybrid elcipse can be found at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, and a general article on solar eclipses at Wikipedia.

For those who live in the Southern US, the eclipse will be visible as a partial eclipse, meaning the sun will appear to have a piece cut out of it - the moon will not completely cover the sun. Those living in south Texas and south Florida will have the best view, although a 5% eclipse will be visible along an arc approximately from Washington, D.C.; Cincinatti, OH; St. Louis, MO; Southern Kansas; Texas/Oklahoma Panhandles; Central New Mexico; Phoenix, AZ.

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Table of over 100 US Cities, to get detailed viewing information for your location. Example for Huntsville, AL below.

If I'm truly nuts, I'll haul-ass south to get a better view/pictures.

I don't think I'm that nuts.

Some links from NASA Goddard on solar eclipse photography and videography. Yes, there will be loads of pics here and on Flickr of the eclipse. Maybe even some eclipse liveblogging, you never know.

And a thanks to Basil for helping spread the word.

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Andy Thompson said...

If you get a good shot of this, I will be ever so jealous.